International gestalt-Art Powwow

7, 8 and 9 June 2024

De Maalderij in Breda, the Netherlands

We are inspired by the word Powwow, which originated from the Native American tradition.  This involves gathering together and sharing stories, materials and new insights. We will explore and deepen our knowledge of Gestalt-Art by offering all kinds of workshops. 

In the coarse of our Powwow we will bring together the best of our energies and talents. We look forward to meeting you there.


Participants include Gestalt-art therapists, gestalt therapists and students, and other therapists and workers from the social field. And anyone else who feels the need to join too, please contact us.

Gestalt-art provides the tools for self discovery through various creative forms of expression- drawing, sculpture, dance, song or the way you dress or decorate your home e.g..

What you create, indicate subtle nuances that go beyond words and thinking. If we start naming and investigating them a world of information about yourself and your endless possibilities will open up for you.

Organized by: The Foundation for the promotion of Gestalt- Art Therapy (